Tour description

The legendarity of the East is contained in its fabulous heritage, which for thousands of years live in the souls of the peoples of the world and which have a real origin, but still they — even in the development of science and technology — will remain undisclosed, mysterious and mythical.

CHILDUHTARON is an ancient place, a valley in the South of Tajikistan, big rocky mountain silhouettes in the form of forty girls.

Childukhtaron is translated as the valley of the Forty Girls, which is associated with an interesting legend. According to this legend, 40 stone blocks towering over the valley were once beautiful and charming girls.
When enemies came to the valley and decided to make them their concubines, the inhabitants of the mountains prayed and asked Allah to turn themselves into silent stones.

Among the locals there is also another legend, according to which the rocks grew on this place after a fierce battle with Genghis Khan. Defending their land, 40 young horsewomen blocked the path of Genghis Khan himself. But the forces were unequal and the riders died in battle. At this very place, huge boulders have grown, decorating the valley.
Every spring, in memory of the dead sisters, local women decorate the area with wreaths and beautiful ribbons. This tradition arose independently and is held every spring when the valley wakes up from its sleep and is covered with greenery and flowers.

Once in Tajikistan, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Forty Girls Valley, which is especially picturesque and attractive in the spring season.

yesAvailability: April - October
cool Direction: Dushanbe-Kulyab-Muminabad-Howaling-Baljuwan
enlightened Duration: 1 day (12 hours) 
angel Type of tour: individual, calculation for 2 (2-4 people), for Solo (1 person) +50%

Program of the tour

08:00 - beginning of the tour, you will be picked up from the hotel, Dushanbe and departure to Kulob city

10:00 - arriving Kulob, visit Mausoleum of Mir Sayid Ali Hamadoni

In the center of Kulob stands the memorial complex of Mir Sayid Ali Khamadoni - the poet, philosopher and thinker of the 14th century. His son Muhammad, numerous relatives as well as Shaikh Shokhi Tolikoni from Afghan city Tolukan, the former inspector of the mausoleum and the mosque are also buried there. The complex includes the historical museum of local lore 2700 anniversary of Kulob, the museum of literary heritage written Mirsaid Ali Hamadoni and house museum of national poet Saidali Valizoda. Every year the museum is visited by over 20 million visitors both local and foreign guests.

11:00 - continue tour to Muminabad

12:00 - lunch in Muminabad district 

Mu'minobod is a district in Khatlon province, Tajikistan. Its capital is Mu'minobod, in Soviet times, from 1973 − 1997, known as Leningradskiy.

13:00 - departure to mountain rock Childukhtaron

15:00 - arriving Childukhtaron mountain

CHILDUHTARON is an ancient place, a valley in the South of Tajikistan, big rocky mountain silhouettes in the form of forty girls; these girls, according to legend, sacrificed themselves for the sake of honor and dignity, to cheat the enemy.

16:00 - back way to Dushanbe via Khovaling and Baljuvan districts 

20:00 - arriving Dushanbe 

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