It is our virtual office, shop of tours – web page with brief information about our work, it consists detail information of our tour packages and other travel services and the booking system of tours that required Visa card. So if you feel difficulty for uses of website please contact us, and we can make your tour / services together. Please trust us – Tajikistan is our home, we know our Land very well!
How to book tours?
1st stage – Choose of tour package: choose your preferred tour package from page "Tours" – click on selected tour package and enjoy relative information; have attention that every package divided by "Individual (private)" and "Group".
2nd stage – Check in: when you have chosen your preferred tour package, next, in bottom, in booking form you should indicate the date of your visit, and in the second column indicate number of tourists, and then click on button “Check”.

3rd stage – Booking: Before, please have attention: Tour packages are divided into two groups, individual (private) and group. The private (Individual) tours are intended for couples – two, four pax (people). This means that our tour packages will be beneficial to couples. Nevertheless, we present an opportunity to solo travelers, however, with a relatively increased cost of the tours / services by +50%, this component is formed autonomously when choosing the appropriate package in the booking system. (2) However, group tours are intended for 5 or more persons.
After that, in bottom, in booking form, again check (indicate) the date of your visit, and in the second column indicate number of tourists. Next, in the table of options please choose a suitable option (tick on appropriate spot) then click on button “Book”.
4th stage – Sending (Agreement): in this stage you should fill application form and indicate true and correct information. In first and second column indicate the name and surname of head of group, who have responsible and present the rights of members of group; if no group, individual is responsible for himself. In column “List of tourists” please indicate the name and surname of all tourists. In column “Other wishes” you can list addition services that you need or other wishes. In bottom, please read the attached electronic Offer-Agreement and tick on appropriate spot then click on button “Send”.
5th stage - Payment method: here you should choose a suitable payment method - click on button of payment method
6th stage - Payment: in this last stage, in example Visa payment method, - you should fill your card coordinate as showed below, including correct card number, validity period, holder name, CVC code and email, then click on button “PAY -ОПЛАТИТЬ”.
That is all; here please wait answer for your bank security system and go through requirement procedure of your bank
7th stage - Confirmation for booking: if you have done all procedure good in 24 hours you will receive confirmation of booking. However if it will be late please contact us with our Phone/WhatsApp: +992 915-123-344
If you are unable to complete the payment process or if other payment methods are available to you, then you can use the additional List of PAYMENT METHODS

TO GET A TOURIST VISA: Three type of visa are issued for a visit to Tajikistan: (1) visa-free regime (for 52 countries); (2) electronic / simplified visa; (3) standard visa. For detail information please have a visit the special page VISA REGIME