Tour description

Timurdara is a gorge with a very beautiful lake in the northern part of the Shahrinav district of the Republic of Tajikistan. Timurdara is part of the Shirkent National Park and is protected by the state.

Timurdara is included in the TOP 5 best natural places in the Republic of Tajikistan; its beauty is unique and unique where it is not found in other parts of the country. The name of the lake takes from the so-called basmach named Timur, who escaped to this gorge during the war campaigns in Central Asia.

Lake Timurdara is a very beautiful mountain lake, a blockage type. The height above sea level is about 2000 meters. The lake, in a certain sense, is considered mythical, in the area of this lake, as well as Lake Piron, which is located a little further away, in the 80-90 years. They were looking for a big foot, watching UFOs and so on. Timurdara is quite a popular route among tourists.

The distance from Dushanbe is 75 kilometers and from the bottom you will need to walk 3.5 kilometers along steep mountain paths, which takes only about 3 hours.

In this, the package includes a hiking tour; the tour starts from the city of Dushanbe, then through the Shakhrinau district to Karatag and the village of Hakimi by transport, after walking to the lake.

On the way to the lake there is a river that flows out of Lake Timurdara, it passes through the entire plateau. The water goes not only along the riverbed, but also pours from the shore. There's a small lake on top, I think it's from there.

The path runs through the picturesque Karatag gorge, along a rather full-flowing and stormy river called, respectively, along the way you need to overcome a rather protracted climb to get to the plateau. After that, the juniper grove immediately begins, respectively, the air, the views, everything is transformed. Clean, mountain air mixes with the coniferous smell of juniper and the aroma of high-altitude herbs.

The animal world in Timurdara is quite rich, here you can meet marmots, bears, rabbits, mountain goats, deer, sheep, cows, horse, donkey, etc. If desired, you can order a hunt for them, but this is an exclusive individual order and you need to pay separately.

yesAvailability: April - September
cool Direction: Dushanbe-Karatag gorge - Hakimi Village - Timur-dara Lake
enlightened Duration: 1 day (10 hours) 
angel Type of tour: group (6 or more persons)

Program of the tour

Places to visit: Shahrinav – Karatag gorge – Hakimi gorge – Temurdara gorge – Temurdara lake

 08:00 – Early morning we will pick up tourists from the hotel (on the territory of Dushanbe) and head towards Shakhrinav.

09:00 – Arrival at the Karatag gorge through the village of Hakimi, then hike towards Lake Timur-Dara. The distance to the lake, the hike is 3.5 km, which is about 4 hours (one side).

12:00 – Picnic lunch by the lake

13:00 – Walk around the lake

14:00 – Return trip, hike

17:00 – We get into the car and drive to Dushanbe

18:00 – Arrival in Dushanbe

Our tour is over, thank you for being with us.

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