Tour description

Not far from the city of Dushanbe, in the right gorge of the Varzob River, 2750 m. above sea level, falls Gusgarf waterfall, the most beautiful in the Hissar Range. A stormy river has cut through a vertical rocky wall for many centuries and falls from a 30-meter height. A multi-ton mass of water crumbles below into myriads of drops, iridescent sparkling in the sun. The hiking mountain trail (ascent) to the waterfall starts from 21 kilometers of the Varzob gorge, from here it takes 2-3 hours to walk to the waterfall (about 8 km).

Thrill-seekers can test themselves in unusual water procedures. This is a rather deep round bath filled with ice water, the smallest mist from a waterfall and a powerful jet that can knock you off your feet.

A visit to the waterfall is available from April to September. The ascent to the waterfall is quite steep, but quite accessible and affordable for people in average physical condition. In early spring, nature simply amazes with its beauty, lush grass, flowering trees.

yesAvailability: March - October 
cool Direction: Dushanbe-Varzob 
enlightened Duration: 1 day (9 hours) 
angel Type of tour: individual, calculation for 2 (2-4 people), for Solo (1 person) +50%

Program of the tour

  • 09:00 - Start of the tour, reception of tourists on the territory of Dushanbe, from the hotel
  • 09:10 - direction towards Varzob gorge
  • 10:00 - arrival in Gusgarf village; here the vehicle will be left, then trekking along the mountain path, climbing the Hissar Range
  • The ascent is not easy, extreme and dangerous, therefore, it is recommended that tourists stock up on water, trekking poles and other equipment
  • 12:30 - arrival at Gusgarf waterfall; hike and rest around the waterfall, you can swim
  • 15:00 - return trip
  • 17:30 - arrival in Gusgarf village and departure to Dushanbe
  • 18:00 - arrival in Dushanbe, end of the tour

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